My Story

I became obsessive about my weight way back to the age of 15 when I was dating my high school sweetheart. I was CONSTANTLY beating myself up unless I was consuming raw veggies and protein. I was so brain washed by WHAT to eat and WHAT NOT to eat — it all became a huge debacle! I once believed that fruit was all sugar so I would not consume it, I believed oats were bad carbs which will make me overweight, and didn't ever touch dairy — I was a hot mess! I was SO insecure and self-conscious about my body it became an obsession! It got so bad that I even started a fitness routine constantly over-working my body and trying to burn off EVERY calorie I consumed creating a binge disorder. I became so addicted to the way that fitness made me feel never taking a rest day because it made me feel empowered. It was truly a love-hate relationship!

Let’s just say, I totally mistreated my body

by overtraining and rollercoaster dieting.

At 24 I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful daughter, Isabella, and gave birth to her at the age of 25. I obsessively worked out daily until the day I had my daughter and the thought of taking 6 weeks off due to my c-section was just terrifying in my eyes. Our local gym daycare would not allow kids until they were 12 weeks old and I was NOT waiting for her to be 3 months old to get back into my fitness regimen. This is when at home fitness programs came into my life. My eating was getting to the point where I was not eating anything but protein bars, protein shakes and did I say, protein? I felt horrible! I was always cold. I was hangry. Something needed to change!

My husband and I were flying home from Mexico and I decided I was going to do my first at home fitness program because I needed change and structure. I needed to know I was getting the correct amount of cardio, core, upper body and lower body workouts. Through BeachBody programs I was promised that, PLUS a healthy nutrition plan to go along with it! I joined and jumped right in doing the “discount coach” option. From this point my health and fitness has forever been changed! I was told to consumer 2 cups of CARBS per day — which I was in so much fear of! I believed in myself and the process so I followed the plan...


I went from 24.5% body fat to 16%


I am never cold, always satisfied, my binging episodes are far and few in-between (they used to be weekly!), and I just feel a sense of worth now. Honestly, I just feel GOOD! More and more every day I fall in love with my body and my confidence just keeps growing! 😊

After watching my coach and her team weekly, I invited into a sneak peek coaching call and instantly made the decision that I was going to religiously start coaching Monday–Friday. Here I am 7 months into coaching — a Diamond coach — crushing a business that was supposed to be a side gig. I am mentoring and leading a TEAM of leaders and amazing women who can relate with me, believe in me, believe in the process and most importantly believe in themselves! Coaching is now my NUMBER ONE hobby — I am surrounded by a community of awesome women AND a rewarding career I never dreamed of having.


I choose what my days look like — I have the luxury of staying home with my two fur babies and my daughter, Isabella — but most importantly, I LOVE the person that I have become!

And guess what!? I get to share this gift with others like YOU!